obróbka metali usługi tokarskie produkcja tulejek wkładek sworzni metalowych produkcja seryjna podkładek na prasach usługi tokarskie na automatach usługi tokarskie na automatach

The Metalware company is an experienced metal machining company , in particular precision CNC machining on automatic lathes that ensure the highest quality and repeatability of the process.

The leading direction of our turning shop is the production of precise turned components on automatic lathes. We provide high quality products in accordance with the received guidelines from the customer. Our machine park allows us to optimally adjust the production technology, starting from the selection of the most suitable machine tool in terms of production economy, through the independent preparation of tools and instrumentation that streamlines the machining process itself, and ending with an individually matched quality control plan.

The Metalware is a supplier of a wide range of metal elements made on request for factories operating, for example, in the following industries:
 - production of household appliances
- automotive
- production of electrical components
- furniture elements
- plastics processing

In addition, we provide production services to many other facilities in the field of customized parts delivery. If you are looking for a contractor for:
- threaded bushes
- metal bushes
- pins
- rivets
- bolts, pivots
- nuts
- inserts
for plastics processing - hydraulic hose nuts - axises

and components not listed above, we invite you to submit RFPs by email. It is impossible to specify every detail that we are able to produce, because our machine park allows us to perform many technological operations understood as metal machining and CNC machining such as turning, milling, threading, drilling. Each offer is prepared individually, and no fee is charged for its preparation.

We invite you to cooperation.