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obróbka metali usługi tokarskie produkcja tulejek wkładek sworzni metalowych produkcja seryjna podkładek na prasach usługi tokarskie na automatach usługi tokarskie na automatach

Metalware is a subcontractor of customized to requirements precision parts on automatic lathes , but at the same time we provide machining services for entrusted semi-finished products.

Thanks to our machine tools, we have the following options:
- drilling
- turning
- threading
- deburring

As a result of these operations, we are able to correct the dimensions and shape of the defective product or perform a process that was not possible to obtain in the original production technology.

We also have a machine for mass threading of nuts in the M5-M22 thread range. We are able make a thread on the delivered blank forgings.

We invite you to cooperation.