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obróbka metali usługi tokarskie produkcja tulejek wkładek sworzni metalowych produkcja seryjna podkładek na prasach usługi tokarskie na automatach usługi tokarskie na automatach

Metalware - producer of metal parts, metal machining, precision CNC machining. Welcome to the Metalware website- a producer of bar turned metal components on individual order.

Metalware turning shop is a supplier of precision parts turned on automatic lathes. We deal with metalworking, CNC machining, and more specifically, serial production of metal elements made according to customer's guidelines. We provide machining services on precision CNC machines and highly repetitive machining cycle cam machines from renowned Swiss and German manufacturers.

Based on the received or prepared documentation, we start the stage of presenting our clients a free quotation that takes into account all the requirements specified in the inquiry. Depending on the complexity of the detail, our experienced team is able to price the component's production costs on the same day. Usually the pricing process does not take longer than two working days, when the customer sends us a ready technical drawing.

After accepting the conditions presented in the individual offer for the production of components, we proceed to the next stage of implementation, which is the production of the samples, with costs are presented in the offer. Thanks to the experience we have gained over the years of our activity, we have a wide range of different parts that we produce, which significantly reduces the waiting time for samples of the ordered component. Sometimes it is enough to make a little change on the machine and edit the control program to make the required detail.

Then, after the samples are accepted, we go to the last stage, which is the implementation of production technology on a dedicated machine, preparation of an individual control plan, packaging and other production processes.

The Metalware turning shop is an experienced metalworking company, precision CNC machining shop focused on serial and high-volume production of turned metal components. We provide services throughout the European Union.

The quickest way to get the quotation of individual metal components is to submit your inquiry with the drawing by email. All contact details can be found in the Contact tab.

We invite you to cooperation.